Blood donations stressed in Hattiesburg

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) - Thursday at United Blood Services in Hattiesburg, a California transfusion recipient, spoke about the life saving power of blood donations.

Larry Frederick shared his emotional story with staff members of United Blood Services and talked to them about his organization called Life Across America. That group educates people about the importance of blood donations.

In 1982, while working as a police officer in Oakland, Frederick was side swiped by an oncoming vehicle during a traffic stop. He survived thanks to several surgeries and 110 units of blood. It was during his recovery that Frederick founded Life Across America.

"It started, there was a persistent thought. My wife and I found out that she was one month pregnant with our son, Aaron. He was born eight months after the accident. And all during that time I had a persistent thought that someday, I'd ride across America with my son and watch him shake hands with the President," said Frederick.

In 1996, that dream came true. Frederick's son shook hands with then President Bill Clinton during their 52 day trip across the country on road bikes.

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