Forrest, Lamar Counties ban spice

FORREST, LAMAR COUNTIES (WDAM) - Add Forrest and Lamar Counties to a growing list of city and state governments taking a stand against a synthetic marijuana.

Forrest County supervisors unanimously voted to ban the possession and sale of the herbal substance known as spice or K2, which produces effects similar to that of marijuana. Violators of this ordinance face up to six months in jail, a fine of up to $1,000 or both.

Lamar County's board of supervisors also voted to ban spice possession in the county. Sheriff Danny Rigel says he met with board attorney Tony Mozingo; they discovered no stores in the county are selling spice.  But, they are concerned with people having possession of the substance.

Lamar County supervisors say they want to put a ban on spice until the state passes a law across the board.

The ban in Forrest County makes it illegal to use, purchase, distribute for sale, or have possession of the product.

The ordinance goes into effect immediately and Forrest County Deputies will be visiting retailers in the county to inform them of the ban. Retailers with-in the city limits of Hattiesburg and Petal will not be affected because they have been given a short period of time to get the product off their shelves.

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