WDAM Viewpoint - Careful...Children back in school

August 13, 2010

The initiative to pass Nathan's Law in the Mississippi Legislature hit an unfortunate and unnecessary snag in committee this year and languished there.  Named after Nathan Key, the 5 year old Jones County youngster killed by a motorist who failed to stop while school children were being discharged from a bus, the law would have made the penalties stiffer and enacted laws to make conditions safer for school children.  The hit and run driver, Dominic Gebben, was apprehended, tried and convicted.

School is back in session and yellow school buses fill the streets and highways as we head into another school year.  While we urge the state legislature to pass Nathan's Law early in 2011…we as motorists need to remember what can happen in a moment of inattention, impatience, or unconcern.  Be especially mindful—not only of stopped school buses that are picking up or discharging students—but watch out for those who are walking or even riding their bikes to school.  Let us do all we can not to lose another child to negligence and carelessness this year.  I'm Jim Cameron…let us hear from you.