Southern Miss freshmen move in

By: Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)- Century Park residence halls were filled with excited yet nervous freshmen moving in Friday.

"I'm nervous. I'm very nervous, but it will be fun. I know it will be fun, but I'm very nervous," said freshman Loren Jenne.

Many Southern Miss volunteers were ready to kick off the opening of century park and welcome the new students by helping them unload and unpack. Director of Residence Life, Chris Crenshaw says that the freshmen are the start to the next hundred years at Southern Miss.

"It's moving in day here for Southern Miss and it is the grand opening of century park, so we are kicking off the second hundred years of our university and this is an exciting time. It's the first class of the next hundred years of Southern Miss," said Crenshaw.

Freshmen Cecily LaRue and Kaitlyn Thornton, say their excitement about moving in is all about the rooms.

"Our rooms are awesome. We have hard wood floors and our own bathrooms, and I can't wait to go shopping to fill up our bathrooms. It's so exciting," said LaRue.

" I think it is really nice and its really a good place for us to live," said Thornton.

Luckyday Scholars Kelsey Mitchell and Kristen Twele are also mentors for the new students and say that because they are sophomores that can relate to the freshmen.

"Because I can remember where I was last year and I didn't know anybody and everybody was super friendly and helping me move in. So, I am just trying to make sure that I am doing the same for all of them so that they have a really good experience on their first week here," said Mitchell.

"We know how awkward and nervous they can be, so we are trying to make it as calm, cool and collected as possible and help them get through any struggles they have," said Thornton.

Starting their college years here at Southern Miss's Century Park should be a great start.

"Four years.....I can't wait," said LaRue.

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