The Morrow generating station is set to provide cleaner energy

By Sheri Falk - bio | email | Twitter

Purvis, MS (WDAM) - South Mississippi Electric announced a $62 million environmental systems upgrade project at the Morrow Plant in Purvis.

Each year nearly a million tons of coal is burned  to generate electricity for approximately 146,000 homes across the Pinebelt.

Jim Compton, CEO and General Manager said, the $62 million scrubber upgrade  will provide affordable cleaner energy.

"We are in an age of increasing environmental awareness and desires to be cleaner and more efficient."

The existing scrubber system already eliminates a large amount of  So2 (sulfur dioxide), said Kurt Brautigam Communications Director.

"When you burn coal you have a variety of emissions but So2 is one that is highly regulated. In the past we have scrubbed 62% of our flue gas, this upgrade will allow us to scrub all of our flu gas 100% and remove 98% of  So2 emissions."

South Mississippi Electric also plans to construct additional plants for the growing number of residents.

"We are investing $400 million in the next three years in the Jones, Lamar and Forrest county areas in terms of efficiency projects.

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