Laurel Law Enforcement encourage school bus safety.

By: Karrie Legget

HATTIESBURG, MS- Laurel law enforcement want motorist to keep school bus safety in mind.

The first week of school combined with the usual morning commute and road construction can make traffic jam-packed, that is why Major Robbie Suber, of Jones County Sheriff's Department, is asking for drivers to be careful around school buses and schools.

"With school bus safety, with the bus safety we just want people to be patient. Patience is the thing. Last December, of course, we had a young student killed in our county because of the lack of patience and we definitely don't want anything like that to happen again," said Major Suber.

Officials say it is important for drivers to maintain the proper speed limits in school zone and residential areas, and avoid distractions like cell phones.

Lieutenant Jerome Jackson, of Laurel Police Department, says it is best for people to leave home early and stay aware while driving.

" Just keep heads up when you are taking your child to school, and even though you may not have a child that you are trying to get to school act as though you do, and be just that much more careful," said Lieutenant Jackson.

Laurel law enforcement will have police officers posted at every city school in Laurel.