Viewpoint- High Litter…Clean Highways

As "Seven on Your Side" reported, the Mississippi Department of Transportation has recognized Forrest County for having the cleanest highways in the state.  At a Forrest County Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday, Southern District Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown presented Forrest County Sheriff, Bill McGee the Exemplary Performance Award.

This past year, Forrest County inmates picked up more than 25,000 bags of trash from Hattiesburg area highways as part of the Mississippi Inmate Litter Removal Partnership Program.

While we commend Sheriff Magee for getting the job done in such an outstanding way…this also tells us something else.  For the inmates to collect that much trash from the highways…someone had to throw it out to begin with.  We've been asked by viewers many times to do Viewpoints on littering and we have.  But—people still do it.  That is as case of no pride by far too many.  We frankly hope the inmates, at least in this case, don't have to work so hard in the year ahead.  I'm Jim Cameron…let us hear from you.