Local doctor helps save life of a 3-year-old Tylertown boy

By: Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG, MS- Angelia and Lloyd Binkley, of Tylertown, had never met Dr. David Jameson, of Sumrall; but a birthday party Saturday at a local camp site changed that.

"I had found out the day before that I was going to the party . My wife said that her nephew was having a party and I am going. I wasn't too excited about it but we went, "said Dr. Jameson.

Angelia and Lloyd's 3-year-old son Levi was also invited.

" I got to the birthday party and everything was going good and he swam a little bit and he decided he didn't want to swim anymore. He had a balloon and he gave me his balloon, and told me he was going back to the slide. You have to walk past the pool to go to the slide. I walked out to the slides and he wasn't out there. I couldn't find him," said Lloyd.

That is when the party turned into every parents worst nightmare.

" As I was walking back to the pool. I was looking for him around the pool and back up there around the pavilion. When I got half way down the fence line of the pool I saw him floating under water, "said Lloyd.

Levi's mother was sitting under the pavilion when she heard Levi's grandmother scream.

"She turned around just in time to see Lloyd dive into the water. She said she knew he was after a baby, but she didn't know who it was. She said she saw the shorts and she screamed. She said angie its Levi and she hit me on the back and I just took off running, "said Angelia.

Dr. Jameson said he was swimming just yards away when he saw Levi's body floating  beneath the surface.

"What i first saw was his dad holding Levi in his arms. Levi was unconscious, unresponsive. I could tell from a distance he wasn't breathing and his color looked really bad," said Dr. Jameson.

Dr. Jameson immediately started working on Levi.

"We started CPR on him and started doing some rescue breathing and heart chest compressions. He didn't have a heart rate, heartbeat. And probably the first 25, 30 seconds he really didn't respond very well at all , but we kept doing what we were doing and he slowly got better, said Dr. Jameson.

After Levi was revived he was rushed to a local hospital and then to the university hospital in Jackson for over night observation.

" I watched him all night long. He ended up in the ICU in Jackson, and they told me you can't eat back here, you can't sleep back here. I didn't go to the bathroom. I sat right there by him. I was awake all night long and I watched him. I watched him breathe. It was so hard, but I was thankful. We were very blessed, "said Angelia.

Some are describing Dr. Jameson as a hero, but according to him anyone can do what he did.

"You really don't have to be a doctor to do what I did. Just learn how to do mouth-to-mouth breathing, rescue breathing, chest compressions and the Heimlich maneuver. I think its real important," said Dr. Jameson.