Three charged with murder in weekend Hattiesburg stabbing

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Beaumont family is grieving as the number of suspects from a weekend murder in Hattiesburg continues to pile up.

"I'm still in shock really," said Tanilya Dixon.

"It's just, it's hard, it's really hard." said Larry Wilson, Sr.

Tanilya Dixon and Larry Wilson are family members of Larry Wilson, Jr. who still can't believe a Saturday night out in the Hub City would end with Wilson loosing his life.

"They was just all down there eating like they usually do," said Dixon.

It happened outside of Dan's Truck Stop and Cafe with surveillance cameras rolling. Police say a fight broke out between a group of black males when Wilson was stabbed twice in the abdomen and taken to Forrest General Hospital where his dad stood by his side.

"[I was] hoping that everything was going to be alright and he was going to pull through this," said Wilson.

Wilson died Monday night and police say the fight stemmed from an earlier dispute.

"It is gang related that once again got started at another location in the city of Beaumont and it did transpire once it arrived here in Hattiesburg," said Hattiesburg police spokesman Sgt. Allen Murray.

"I haven't any idea what it could be about or whatever," said Wilson.

Marvin Bolton, 29, of Beaumont was arrested Tuesday night and charged with murder and conspiracy to commit assault. Bolton went before a judge Wednesday afternoon where his bond was set at $750,000.

Bolton told News 7 there was a fight but he didn't stab anyone. When asked who did, Bolton replied "I ain't got no comments on that."

Since Bolton's arrest, two other suspects, Avis Turner, 25, and Jamal Hayes, 34, both of the Beaumont area, have been charged with murder as well. Police are also on the hunt for another man named Thamos "Teddy" Fariley.

"They're not residents of Hattiesburg, they're from outside of the city. However, they city of Hattiesburg, we're not going to tolerate it," said Murray.

As police continue to hunt down suspects and review that surveillance tape the family of Wilson is left trying to put their lives back together.

"You're numb, for me, that's how it's been," said Wilson.

"We won't rest until it all gets solved," said Dixon.

"We try to go on with our lives and we're going to miss him."

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