Viewpoint - Good News on Oil Spill

At last we have some good news to report regarding the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

According to top officials of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, since the flow was finally stopped on July 15; the crude oil is being rather rapidly being eaten by bacteria.  In fact Radarsat images taken a few days ago indicated that the oil slick is steadily dissipating according to

As it turns out, scientists now tell us that significant amounts of crude oil seep from the ocean floor on a regular basis.  The oil eating bacteria apparently are God's way of restoring the sea water to a natural and healthy balance.

NOAA officials now say there is little to no threat any oil will reach the straights of Florida and the threat to the coastlines of the other gulf coast states may be decreased as well.  In the Alaskan spill the oil was refined and the oceanic bacteria are only designed to gobble up crude.  The overall impact is still unknown…a lot of work has to be done and certainly a lot of damage to the environment has already occurred…but it is good to know that we have help from the Earth itself in fighting this huge crisis.

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