Hattiesburg taking steps to ban smoking substance

By Mike McDaniel - bio | email | Twitter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg is gearing up to ban a substance that some people smoke, supposedly to create a sense of being "high"

Monday evening the city council brought up what several other cities and counties in the state have already done, placing an all-out ban on the currently legal substance, sold as incense, which comes in many different names.

A proposed ordinance was drafted that would prohibit the purchase and possession of it.

Some law enforcement agencies say it's more powerful than marijuana and the effects could be dangerous.

"I believe that it is something that is in the best welfare of our city, for the citizens. People don't know what this is and people are smoking it and like Bob Helfrich said on TV, who knows what it's going to do to us, what the long time effects are cause you don't know what's in it," said city council president Kim Bradley.

City leaders also expect Forrest and Lamar counties to consider a ban on the substance.

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