Woman cut, man stabbed at Hattiesburg bar

By Mike McDaniel - bio | email | Twitter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -  "It just happened so fast that I just...I could not even believe that this was happening," said Ashley Hatten, after being cut.

Friday night, when Hatten along with her sister and another friend, went to the End Zone at the corner of 4th Street and 25th Avenue, a place she's been to before.

"We were standing outside, and I was smoking a cigarette and these guys walked up and they were casual conversation talking to us, talking about our tattoos and it was very innocent," said Hatten

Once back inside, that innocence soon began to turn.

"We told them we're married and we're not interested in you and just leave us alone and then just the whole night they just keep, keep and keep on talking to us," said Hatten.

Once the bar closed, Hatten was back outside and says that's when one of the men approached her and her sister.

"He walked up to us and was just belligerent drunk at this point," said Hatten. "He was so close in my face, he was spitting in my face and I couldn't handle it and I just told him you need to just keep walking and just go wherever you were going and just in a matter of seconds he pulled something out of his pocket and hit me."

That's something was an X-Acto blade. After cutting Hatten across her chest, she says the suspect then stabbed her friend Jason Johnson in the chest. The suspect then got in a car a left.

"Everything seemed to calm down for a second, the next thing I know he's pulling out some kind of something and hits her across the chest and stabs me in mine," said Johnson.

It wasn't until after Johnson got stabbed that Hatten realized she'd be cut. The two were able to go back inside to call police. Jason, with the blade still in his chest was taken by ambulance to the hospital and had to be stitched up.

"I tried to pull it out, it wasn't coming," said Johnson.

Hatten was taken to the emergency room as well.

"The crazy thing is, is that the whole time he was in the bar talking to us he was saying don't you ever let a man put his hands on you, don't you ever let a man touch you and then this happens," said Hatten.

On top of that no one at the bar knew who the man was, only that he had said he was from Jackson.

"The people that he was talking to, some other people asked them if they'd ever seen him before and they said they just met him that night," said Johnson.

That night was supposed to be just a fun night out but now two people have the injuries to prove otherwise and police are wanting to know who's responsible.

"I have the attitude that this will never happen to me, nothing like this will ever happen to me and it just. It happened and just be so careful and just be so aware of your surroundings," said Hatten.

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