Three Pine Belt municipalities opt out of Sales Tax Holiday 2010

By Jeff Daley – email

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - Most state municipalities will take part in Friday's and Saturday's sales tax holiday.

Yet, there are 14 who have decided not to participate, including three, Heidelberg, Purvis, and Lumberton, from the Pine Belt area.

Heidelberg Mayor Juan Barnett said the current economy influenced the town's decision.

"We would like to do it, our revenues are already down considerably from last year," Barnett said. "We need all the revenues we can get."

Purvis Mayor Roger Herrin said the town's Board of Aldermen voted 5 to 0 to not participate also citing bad economic times.

"Sales tax revenues are down considerably over last year and the town cannot afford the loss of revenue at this time,' said Herrin. "

Lumberton City Hall was contacted, however they have yet to reply.

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Copyright 2010 WDAM. All rights reserved.