Hub City Dragway hosts mud bogging races

By Andy King

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It was a fun time out at the Hub City Dragway Saturday night in Hattiesburg.

The dragway held its second mud bog of the year attracting many spectators and competitors from all over the country.

People brought their tents and plenty of food to eat. Mud bogging has become more and more popular in America over the past few years.

"I actually travel all over the United States region. We race on a national circuit," said Randy Roberts, who was helping coordinate the competition.

These competitors weren't serious about this competition though.  It was all about having fun and enjoying the experience.

John Pace, one the competitors representing the University of Alabama said, "I'm just playing right now and trying to get faster."

The races consisted of stock vehicles with huge engines and plenty of horse power to move through the thick mud at the raceway. It lasted until midnight on Saturday.

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