Viewpoint - Know What You Are Smoking

It goes by cool sounding names like Spice, Mojo, Genie, and K-2.  It looks like marijuana.  For the time being it is still legal in many places…though law enforcement is catching on fast.  It is usually advertised as “all-natural”.  Word on the street is that it is harmless and will give you a pot-like high.  It is legally marketed as incense and high school and college students alike are smoking it.


Little to no research has been done on this junk…and the fact is—when you inhale its smoke into your lungs you don’t really know what you are doing to your body or mind.  Why the idea of smoking it ever entered someone’s mind is hard to say.  But there are reports of people who have gotten violently sick from the effects.


The things that people will—especially young people—will put into their bodies to try to experience some sort of sensation is astounding.  Whether it is hard core deadly hazardous waste like meth or something like this that we really don’t fully understand…you need to know what you are doing to yourself.  Don’t let peer pressure or the thrill of the unknown seduce you young people.  You may well be going down a road you will regret ever taking.


Hopefully this junk will be taken off the counters in our area.  Until then…please don’t take the chance.  I’m Jim Cameron and that’s today’s Viewpoint.  Let us know what’s on your mind.


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