Viewpoint - Double Murderer Released

Didn't Mississippi pass a "truth in sentencing law" some years back?

Basically people were fed up with criminals being given justifiably harsh sentences for heinous crimes only to be back on the streets in a short time. The idea was to ensure that people would serve most to all of the time sentenced by the court before being let out.

Of course, that added to the over-crowding problem in the states penal system. Frankly I'm not sure whatever happened to that law, but obviously it has either been over-turned or ignored.

Seven on Your Side News aired an interview with Assistant District Attorney, Jay Ronald Parrish in which he was very plain spoken about recent releases.  One that prompted Mr. Parrish's ire was the announcement of the release of Mike Reeves after only 9 years on the grounds of good behavior.  Reeves had been sentenced to serve two consecutive 20-year terms after killing his estranged wife Ellen and her boyfriend Kelly Perret.

Two lives taken and the man only serves a total of nine years!  We agree with the Assistant D.A.

No amount of good behavior can justify this travesty.  We also agree that the legislature should step in and remedy this sort of miscarriage of justice by the Mississippi Department of Corrections.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.  Let us hear from you.

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