Viewpoint - Choctaw Editorial Viewer Responses

We often get a lot of comments on the opinions expressed on Viewpoint. Seldom do I remember us having such an overwhelming percentage of positive comments as we did to the one on the right of the Choctaws to decide for themselves about whether to build a casino on their reservation in Jones County regardless of what the state and local politicians think.

They came by e-mail, Facebook, phone messages and out in public.

Lynda said, "I just wanted to say, Hear! Hear!" It's about time someone said what many of us are thinking.  Thanks for not being afraid to say what you feel."

For good or bad Lynda, that's never been a problem.

Ervette e-mailed, "I just want to say that your commentary for today was right on point!  Well done!  They need to leave them Indians alone!  Just 'cause they don't want to give them a piece of the pie!"

That's what a lot of folks think is the problem, sir.

Dan let me know, "Most of the time I listen to your commentaries and I can take them or leave them.  But this one showed me what you're made of. I agreed with it wholeheartedly."

High praise indeed Dan. I really appreciate that.

Charlie got the point when he said, "While I do not support gambling as a whole, I 'do' agree with the message you were conveying in your latest viewpoint…haven't we done enough to the Indians?!!"

That was the point Charlie, but in the one negative response we received, Danny apparently didn't get it when he said…among several other things: "In order for a casino to remain in business, people must lose...people will lose their money, their houses, their cars, and their land."

I was neither condoning nor condeming gambling. State officials made that decision for us years ago. I was only commenting on the right of the American Indians to decide for themselves.

They haven't traditionally fared too well with white people making the decisions for them.

Thanks to all who gave us their input. I'm Jim Cameron with today's Viewpoint.

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