Comcast given bad reception

By Mike McDaniel - bio | email | Twitter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Comcast cable was put on the spot during citizens forum at Monday night's Hattiesburg City Council meeting and folks want to know what's the hold up for a formal agreement.

The city's cable advisory board finished it's final draft of a franchise ordinance agreement with Comcast back in January. Board member Brown Miller says, here it is 6 months later and there's still no approved agreement between the two entities. Miller says many customers of Comcast are fed up with the service, topped off with a recent rate increase.

City leaders say much of the hold up is on the part of Comcast and they hope to have something to consider next month.

"Let me tell y'all something. You listen to me closely, you council members. Comcast loves this delay. You take it to the bank. They love this delay but the citizens of this city does not," said Miller. "We think that something is being left undone as far as the Comcast agreement and we are asking you to please give it your attention."

This December will mark two years since a formal agreement has been in place between the city and Comcast cable.

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