The Pink Panther comes to Laurel

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

LAUREL, MS. (WDAM) - Animation's grooviest cat, the Pink Panther burst on the national scene in the early sixties as part of the opening sequence for the Pink Panther movie.

Jill Chancey is the curator for the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art.

"And he was so popular, in fact he was more popular than the movie itself for some critics he became the star of an animated series," said Chancey.

The "Indelible Pink: The Pink Panther and Popular Culture" exhibition features pieces that detail how the animated series was put together. It's a labor intensive process that requires hundreds of drawings.

Chancey said, "Originally animation would be a series of drawings each one done separately and then run together in a film so that it looked like the figures were moving."

Chancey said with later animation, the process involved cells, which is a transparent medium that enables animators to keep a background drawing, but replace the figures on top.

She explained, "And that way you didn't have to re-draw the background over and over."

The show is also a lot of fun with vintage collectibles featuring the Pink Panther. This collection is from the Daura Gallery at Lynchburg College in Virginia.

"I think it'll appeal to anybody who has fond memories of the Pink Panther, of animation, of getting up on Saturday morning with your bowl of cereal and watching the Pink Panther in your jammies while your parents slept in," said Chancey.

The exhibition at the museum opens on Thursday, July 22nd with a 5:30pm pink themed reception.

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