Viewpoint - Those Pesky Choctaws

Those pesky Choctaws have been causing inconveniences since we immigrated over here.  


Granted they didn't do a very good job of controlling their borders, and they were not an overly warlike nation. So, naturally, we just came on over uninvited…killed off a bunch of them, shipped all the rest we could find to a God-forsaken reservation in Oklahoma via a forced marched accurately dubbed the "Trail of Tears" and took their land.  


A few stubborn ones decided they didn't like the deal and hid out in the woods and hollers and ultimately formed the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.  


As time went on, they did well for themselves—particularly in the area of developing tribally owned gaming facilities on their own land. It certainly improved their quality of life.  


There's a relatively small band in Jones County who are planning to follow the example of their fellow tribesmen elsewhere and build a casino on Choctaw property. 


Now all the great white fathers, uncles, cousins, and what not have taken a stand against it. We're still trying to dictate what the original inhabitants of this land can and can't do. 


It just seems to me this is a matter to be decided among the Choctaws.  


The government has done enough to the Indian.  


I'm Jim Cameron with today's viewpoint.


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