Hattiesburg eye surgeons use latest technology to cure cataracts

By Sheri Falk - bio | email | Twitter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The older you are, the more common it is to develop cataracts.

There are several ways to clear you vision but doctors say the best way to clear up the cloudiness in your eye is surgery.

"We go in and vacuum the lens out and replace it with an artificial implant so patients can see much better," said ophthalmologist David Richardson. He added, it is also important for doctor's to have a clear picture while performing cataract surgery.

Richardson and colleagues at Hattiesburg Eye Clinic are using the latest microscope technology which allows surgeons to see eye structure in greater detail.

"We now we have a stereo light source it's called a stereo coaxial illumination. That's means each eye has its own illumination."

It's called OPMI and Richardson compares it to watching TV in high definition.

"It's like going from a 480P standard definition television picture to a 1080P high definition picture; it makes that much difference."

The Lumera microscope also makes surgery a little more comfortable for patients.

"The lights are not as bright, it is more of a cool light, so you don't have nearly as many patients squinting due to discomfort during surgery."

Richardson said, "it's a great reward for us because the patients can see so much better and it changes there life completely when they have cataract surgery."

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