DOE awards grant to JCJC for technology

ELLISVILLE, MS (JONES COUNTY JUNIOR COLLEGE) – The U.S. Department of Education has awarded $200,000 to Jones County Junior College for technology and equipment upgrades.  The congressional grant will provide funding for technology upgrades on campus with a strong focus on student support services and interactive learning.

JCJC President Dr. Jesse Smith believes the grant comes at a very beneficial time. "Students are coming to us in record numbers to gain the skills needed to be successful in a 21st century economy.  Enrollment has skyrocketed and state funding has been drastically cut, so these grant funds are vital for our students," said Smith.

"We are very appreciative of Senators Wicker and Cochran for the opportunity to compete for this grant.  Also, our Director of External Funding Jason Dedwylder did an outstanding job presenting JCJC's compelling case of need," Smith added.

Funds from the $200,000 grant will transform dozens of classrooms into highly interactive instructional settings.  JCJC faculty members will have the opportunity to utilize audio and video technologies in the classroom for multi-dimensional learning.

A significant portion of these congressional funds will increase the support services of the newly established Student Success Center (SSC) on campus.   The SSC opened in August 2009 with a mission to provide a welcoming support environment to JCJC students.   The center's staff provides an array of services to enable student success including registration and orientation assistance, academic advising, university transfer help, and personal counseling.

Student Success Center Director Gwen Magee has a vision for the new center.  "Today's college students come to us with a high set of expectations.  They believe in our expert ability to guide them down the right path to ensure their future success," said Magee.

"This grant gives us the ability to create a highly interactive support system for our students using the latest technologies.  The equipment we purchase with these grant funds will positively impact thousands of JCJC students," Magee concluded.

The congressional grant is for one year from August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2011.

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