Local restaurant addresses Gulf seafood

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) - The environmental crisis caused by the oil spill in the Gulf has Pine Belt consumers of seafood concerned about it's safety and availability.

The Crescent City Grill and Purple Parrot Café in Hattiesburg are both known for their seafood specialties. Managing partner of both restaurants, Clint Taylor, said they are continuing to purchase Gulf seafood from their reputable suppliers.

In addition, the restaurant imports fresh seafood overnight from other parts of the country and internationally. However, Taylor said the bulk of their seafood purchases do come from the Gulf of Mexico.

Taylor said, "There is more testing than ever that is taking place right now in the Gulf. And so as long as I'm buying from reputable and reliable suppliers, I know the product that I'm receiving into the food chain here is safe. The waters and the seafood have been tested."

As far as cost goes, Taylor explained that in the early days of the crisis some customers and businesses stockpiled large quantities of seafood, which drove prices up in the short term.

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