Viewpoint - Fourth of July

Here on the eve of another Fourth of July weekend, it is difficult to recall when our country has faced more challenges or been more divided.

Of course it has been…just not in my lifetime.

I suppose one could say the '60s were such a time, but I was too busy trying to get started in life to notice the kinds of things I see more clearly today. Above all else however, we need to remember one thing.

We are Americans.

We have accomplished and overcome what no other people ever have before. We are not Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Chinese-Aamericans or even African-Americans; we are a complex and diverse melting pot of people who are at our core simply and wonderfully just Americans.

Often it is the people who legally immigrated here and lawfully gained their citizenship who appreciate that fact the most.

They weep at becoming American citizens. Please tell me another country where that is the case. No other country of which I am aware even has an immigration problem.

No one is trying to break into Russia, or form lines to get into France or Spain or India. We are the envy of the world despite what some self-hating Americans try to claim.

Let's celebrate that fact this Fourth of July like no other. Let's put aside our differences long enough to embrace our status as one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

I'm Jim Cameron, and that's today's viewpoint.

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