Advice for used fireworks

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

LAUREL, MS. (WDAM) - Many Pine Belt residents had a literal blast on July fourth, setting off fireworks in their backyards. However, now that the party is over what do you do with the used explosives?

Jones County fire fighter Lance Chancellor recommends folks put those used fire works including the duds in a bucket and give them a good soaking with water for at least fifteen minutes before throwing them out in the trash.

Chancellor said the fuse should be pulled from unused fireworks and those should be soaked as well before discarding them to avoid any fire hazards.

"That will prevent any of those left over fire works, that might be smoldering and that you might want to discard in your trash from becoming a potential fire hazard in your home," said Chancellor.

If you bought lots of fire works and plan to use some of them for a later occasion, Chancellor advises you store them in a dry place away from your home and away from any electrical appliances, gas stoves or hot water heaters.

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