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How to have an injury-free 4th with fireworks


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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - "Bottle rockets, roman candles, multi-shooters, silver chasers, whistlers, got to have the whistlers." Whatever your style, Tana Ellis, at Hale's Fireworks, probably has it.  Anything you need to help make that 4th of July celebration a little more explosive and colorful.

"It is about the fun and it's about the big boom and the pretty lights," said Ellis.

But that boom and those lights come with caution because when it comes to kids, warning labels may not be what's catching their eye.

"They're dangerous, they're fireworks. I mean the very name of them fireworks," said Carolyn Bullock who celebrates the Fourth every year with her grand kids and says while she wants them to enjoy independence day you can't put a price on safety.

"The only thing that they're allowed really to handle are sparklers and we always insert them into a corn cob so they have, you know a little extra protection as far as their hands are concerned," said Bullock.

To avoid those unwanted burns or maybe even a trip to the ER, Ellis says whether child or adult, remember this.

"Always make sure you light them and go. Do not stand, do not hold," said Ellis.

"We're very conscious about not only their safety, but setting the woods on fire," said Bullock.

It only takes a few precautionary measures to add up to a very enjoyable and injury free fourth.

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