New law gives counties authority to regulate adult entertainment

By Mike McDaniel - bio | email | Twitter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - County supervisors across the state now have the legislature's approval to regulate adult entertainment businesses thanks to a new law which went into effect Thursday.

The law gives counties the power to enforce ordinances for the regulation of establishments where public displays of nudity are present. Forrest County already has ordinances on the books which discourages businesses such as strip clubs, but board of supervisors president David Hogan says when those ordinances were enacted there was no state support behind it which left them open to legitimate challenges.

"We don't have to worry locally if we really have the authority to do what we've done in the past. We have the backing of the state of Mississippi and so, we appreciate them for that," said Hogan. "There may be other places in the country where it may be considered appropriate but here in Forrest County we don't feel like that those type of establishments are welcome here and I personally don't want to see them here."

The power to regulate is not mandatory for counties and originally the only counties which had state support were the three coastal counties.

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