Body found in Columbia

By Mike McDaniel - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - A typically serene and quiet body of water in Columbia was anything but Saturday when a fisherman found more than just a few fish.

"He smelled a foul odor and he looked to his left and there was a body in the water," said Detective Albert Preston.

It happened in the water next to Riverview Drive which connects to the Pearl River. Preston says the body is of a middle aged man and at this point it's unclear exactly how he died or who he is.

"In a situation like this here, you handle it as a homicide until you find out different, so right now, we don't know," said Preston.

It took about an hour from the time the call came in until the body was carried up the embankment and based on the condition of the body, it had been in the water for a while, Preston says at least several days.

"You couldn't identify them by the face because they had been in the water and they were bloated and everything. You couldn't tell who it was," said Preston. "Matter of fact you couldn't tell if it was a black male, white male or Hispanic male."

The body was sent off for an autopsy and Preston hopes an identity and cause of death can be pinned down within a day or two. In the meantime, police are talking with the family of a man who went missing several days ago.

"Some of everything goes through your mind. Whoever it is they've got kids and stuff and maybe a wife, I don't know," said Preston.

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