Latest Alex model runs discouraging for oil cleanup

Update 10:00pm Sunday- Alex is moving into the Gulf of Mexico tonight and is back up to Tropical Storm strength.  Maximum winds are now 45 mph and minimum pressure is 991mb.

Unfortunately, Alex's growing strength is not our only concern.  More and more reliable models are now indicating that Alex may take a turn to the north starting Tuesday.  If a turn like this were to take place, East Texas and West Louisiana would become a more likely target for Alex's second landfall.  Furthermore, a more northern track would likely be a greater issue for the ongoing oil containment from the BP oil spill.

(WDAM) 11:00am Sunday - As Alex crosses the Yucatan Peninsula it has weakened to a Tropical Depression with maximum winds of 35mph and minimum pressure of 1000mb.  Once Alex emerges into the Gulf of Mexico, low wind shear and warm waters should be the right ingredients to allow Alex to quickly strengthen.  In fact, the National Hurricane center predicts that Alex may become the first "Atlantic" Hurricane of the year.

Most models agree that Alex will continue WNW and likely make a second landfall in North Mexico or possibly even South Texas.  This would be well out of the way of the BP oil slick.  However, some model outliers predict a stronger turn to the north.  This is why it is important for all of us along the Gulf of Mexico to continue monitoring this storm.

You can track Alex with the WDAM Hurricane Tracker or see Alex with our Gulf Satellite.

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