Owner of Hattiesburg's Beautiful Day dies

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg specialty shop owner who is credited with bringing into and selling the first waterbeds in the Hub City died Thursday, apparently of a heart attack.

Sid Johnston co-owned and operated Beautiful Day since 1971.

It began on west fourth street then moved to Cloverleaf Mall in 1974 where his brother Mel joined him. Later, it moved to Hardy Street.

For years, it was a familiar site along Hwy 49 across from USM.

Sid started the business while a student at USM and specialized in leather goods and merchandise that had never been sold in Hattiesburg before.

He later branched out into unique gifts including water beds.

Johnston suffered a heart attack while returning home from a trip.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

Sid Johnston was 62 years old.