WDAM welcomes "The Green Couch Sessions"

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) - It's a half hour music show a year in the making, and it premieres Sunday night on WDAM-TV.

Crew member Mik Davis said, "A lot of what I think makes 'The Green Couch Sessions' work is that it's in an environment that is different from just a bar or a club. But the environment itself is part of those performances."

Many of the venues for the 10-episode "Green Couch Sessions" are in downtown Hattiesburg, and includes places like the Thirsty Hippo, Bottling Company and Saenger Theater.

Betsy Rowell with the Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association supports the show.

"The scene is very different in late night Hattiesburg than it is during the day, and this is just a niche that fits with what we are trying to accomplish," said Rowell.

The program was the brain child of several WDAM-TV employees including producers Brad Clark and David McRaney. They said during a meeting on the green couch of the TV station's production office, the crew came up with the aptly named show.

McRaney said, "We all came together and we decided to shoot an episode. And with the help of the Downtown Association they gave us a venue, the Saenger Theater, and based off of how incredible the quality was of that first shoot, we said yea we can do this. And so we started pursuing other artists and making a TV show out of it."

Other crew members are Pam McGovern, Andrew Reynolds, Mike McCartyand Michael Perry.

Multiple high definition cameras captured performances of bands with ties to the Pine Belt. Ryan Royals owns Rec Room Recording Service in Hattiesburg. He used specialized equipment to make songs come alive.

"I think it's what this music scene absolutely needed to come together and agree on. Everybody can work towards trying to promote each other," said Royals.

"The Green Couch Sessions," debuts June 27th at 10:30 p.m. on WDAM-TV.

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