Viewpoint - Right to Overturn Ban

A New Orleans court has overturned the Obama administration's six-month ban on deep water drilling in the wake of the BP blowout and subsequent massive oil spill with no concrete end in sight.  While we find the millions of gallons of crude oil that are flowing into the Gulf and threatening our coast line horrendous…we have to agree with the court's ruling.  In Viewpoint's opinion this was a knee-jerk reaction on the administration's part that will have an even further crippling effect on the region's economy.

Many estimates are that it will cost in the high 5 figures in jobs alone.  It will also cause the drilling boats and crews to pack up and go to friendlier climes where they will most likely stay even if the moratorium gets lifted.

By all means we should redouble safety procedures and inspections to make sure that all the deep water drilling platforms are equipped to keep another such tragedy from taking place.  But to just shut them down categorically is, frankly, not a responsible reaction in our opinion.  If we are so afraid of deep water drilling the Federal Government needs to open up more land in the Western U.S….in the Anwar province…and in shallow waters off the Gulf Coast as well as the Atlantic and Pacific to keep from having to go so deep.

Safety and reliable prevention must be in place in the meantime.  But from the reports that have so far filtered out it seems that BP was most likely not up to par in that area and may have even knew it before the blow out took place.

That will be determined for sure.  But even now, we can send teams of inspectors to the platforms to make sure everything is in place to ensure against another such happening.  In the meantime our part of the country doesn't need a government caused disaster to put countless thousands and thousands of oil workers and service companies out of work and out of business for a long time to come.

We just can't survive both the spill and the shutdown.  The administration has already said it will appeal the ruling against the moratorium.  Here's hoping the 5th circuit will also find that the drilling needs to continue.

I'm Jim Cameron with today's Viewpoint.  Let us know what you think.

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