Viewpoint: Father's Day

This coming Sunday is father's day. While I don't know the history of either one…I'll bet Mother's Day was established first.  For one thing it always comes before father's day.  For another—everyone loves mama…and rightfully so.

So no doubt their special day was created first and then someone probably said, "You know, I guess we should do something for the ole man too or he'll get his feelings hurt."

We fathers are often walking contradictions.  We are by far the easiest to fool, so mom has to use us as the last resort when her keen discernment and uncanny intuition catches a kid who's up to no good.

So she says "Just wait until your father gets home…you're really gonna get it!"

We want to keep mama happy too, and we already figure she knows more about what's going on in the household than we do, so we willingly play the heavy and dole out the discipline.

Then when you want a bobo to quit hurting (as a child)—or a heart to mend when you are older…you go to mom to make it alright.

We often come off as demanding drill sergeant types when all we are really trying to do is encourage and teach you.

Sometimes we let you fall on purpose because we know that life is tough, and you often have to learn the hard way to overcome adversity and pain.

Then you run crying to mom and she makes it all right, and we are perceived as insensitive or uncaring.

We want you to know the value of money so we dole it out like Ebenezer Scrooge on a bad day. Sure there are some bad father, just like there are some bad kids, but there are far more good dads and good kids.

We have a hard time expressing our feelings so you often think we are unfeeling and aloof.

Fact is…you are always at the center of our hearts. We would die protecting you. We are always pulling for you, believing in you and bragging on you. You don't usually know that though because…well, we're just not always good at conveying that message.

To top it off, it seems every time someone does something stupid in life they say it is because they have daddy issues.

He didn't show enough love or support or whatever. No doubt, not many of us can compete with Hollywood's image of the perfect dad, but most of us are doing the best we can…and we care a lot more than you think.

So this father's day, give the ole man a big hug and let him know that just as he may not always understand you…you don't always understand him. Heck, he doesn't always understand himself and doesn't spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

But just as he loves you more than you can imagine…he needs to know his love is returned.

That folks, is the best gift you could possible give him this father's day.

I'm Jim Cameron with today's viewpoint.

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