Forrest General Hospital trains for disaster

By Mike McDaniel - bio | email | Twitter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Forrest General Hospital went into a mode of emergency Friday morning to help better train responders for disasters.

The drill centered around the scenario of a tank explosion involving chemical agent exposure and trauma. Those "victims" in the scenario had to quickly be assessed by crews who then had to scrub them clean, while making sure any injuries are taken care of.

These drills are part of the community's effort to improve in any areas of weakness.

"It's important so that we're prepared. The scenario today is one that has occurred in the community," said Forrest General Director of Public Safety Wayne Landers. "It very easily could occur again in the future and this gives us a chance to test our procedures, our process, our equipment, our plans so that we can test them in a non-threatening environment and make adjustments and improve."

The volunteer "victims" in the drill were brave boy scouts and the spirit girls from Forrest General. The drill also took place at Wesley Medical Center.

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