Viewpoint: Let's Plug The Hole

We are now closing in on 60 days since the explosion of the BP deep water well and subsequent flooding of monumental amounts of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  This has been dubbed as the biggest ecological crisis in our history.  It is killing the livelihoods of countless thousands who make their living in one way or another from the water in the Deep South states.  It is literally killing all manner of sea and wildlife daily and upsetting the balance of nature.  It is a horrible catastrophe that will take years from which to recover.

Estimates for the completion of the relief well to stop this ocean bottom geyser range from mid- August to mid-September.  Meanwhile politicians on both sides of the aisle are pointing fingers trying to blame one another and the White House is trying to make political hay by using this tragedy to push its energy agenda and deciding which behind to kick the hardest.  I say enough!

Let's forget about politics, partisan agendas, and—aside from making sure the people who bear the brunt of this travesty are taken care of by those who are responsible—lets work together and call for help from anyone else has resources or ideas to get the spill stopped sooner and the clean up effort running more efficiently.  There will be plenty of time for the blame game…political football…new agencies and initiatives and making people pay for any negligence once we stop this problem that is growing daily.  We have to bring all focus to bear with government, private industry, academia and the world community all working 24/7 to get the hole plugged and the environment protected.

Rhetoric won't get it done.  Effective leadership and a free flow of ideas and cooperation just may.

I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.

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