Number of oiled sea turtles doubles in a week

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The number of oiled sea turtles brought to New Orleans has more than doubled in a week, from 30 to 63. Oiled birds are still coming to Louisiana's rescue station at Fort Jackson, but the pace has slowed.

Meghan Calhoun of the Audubon Nature Institute, says 29 sea turtles were brought in over the past three nights - seven Tuesday and 11 each night before that.

The Aquatic Center on New Orleans' west bank now has 57 Kemp's ridley sea turtles, three green sea turtles, three loggerheads and two hawksbills. All but four Kemp's ridleys were oiled.

After an eight-day stretch when the bird rescue center got 408 oiled birds, 95 have arrived since June 11, for a total of 569.

In all, 634 oiled birds have been rescued across the Gulf States, and 68 oiled sea turtles.

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