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WDAM is now available on DISH network

After years of striving and waiting, I am delighted to say the WDAM is now on the DISH satellite network in the Hattiesburg/Laurel area. 

We went "on the bird" a few days ago along with WHLT the CBS affiliate for this area, the ABC and FOX affiliates out of Meridian and Mississippi Public Television. 

WDAM is located on channel 7 on the DISH network in our 8-county Designated Marketing Area.

Just as we are over the air, if you are a current DISH subscriber already, it is my understanding that you will need to contact your DISH satellite provider about the details of getting your local channels activated if you are a DISH subscriber already.  

If you want to get on DISH as a new subscriber, it is my understanding that the aforementioned local stations will be a part of the package offered to new subscribers. 

This is something both we and many local viewers have wanted for a very long time. As a market with lots of rural area unserved by cable, the Hattiesburg/Laurel market has a very high percentage of satellite viewers who have had to depend solely on antennas to pick up their local stations. 

There are basically only two satellite providers to choose from, DISH and DirecTV. 

At this point, we, nor any of the other local stations in our viewing area, are on DirecTV. Rumor has it that they plan to add more stations in the future, and we hope that is the case. 

We would love to be on DirecTV as well, and if it were up to us we would be. However, that is their call. 

The DISH network has stepped up to the plate, and is in the process of putting all 210 local television markets on satellite just as they have done here. 

For that, we are thankful and delighted. 

I'm Jim Cameron and that is today's Viewpoint.  Send us an e-mail and let us know what you think.

Contact Jim Cameron at jcameron@wdam.com


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