A new traffic signal plan could ease up congestion in Oak Grove

By Sheri Falk - bio | email | Twitter

Lamar County, MS (WDAM)-A traffic signalization plan in Lamar County could ease up traffic in the Oak Grove area.

Four locations in Oak Grove are in desperate need of traffic signals to  help the flow of traffic.

3 of the 4 signals will be placed on Old Highway 11, the first at Lincoln Road Extent ion, the second at Oak Grove Road and the third at Old Highway 24. The County will put the 4th signal at the intersection of Sandy Run Road and Lincoln Road.

The plan, which Lamar County Engineer Don Walker says, was in the final design phase back in October of 2009 was put on hold by the Metropolitan Planning Organization due to funding.

"We have gotten the green light to get everything back on track with the project, but  it has actually increased in scope from $875,000 to about $1.1 million."

Walker says, the project will be done in two phases, the 2 signals on Lincoln Road will be installed first.

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