Forrest General goes green

HATTIESBURG, MS (Forrest General Hospital) - From plastics to paper to medical waste, Forrest General's signature green icon is getting a little greener, thanks to a new, broader commitment to C.A.R.E. for the environment.

Forrest General is teaming up with ANTOS Environmental Corporation in making big changes that will not only affect the environment by reducing the hospital's carbon footprint and redefining the way it handles waste, but also help the hospital save money. Many may look at the way a hospital operates and think it impossible for such a large organization with such unique waste to go green, but together with ANTOS Environmental, Forrest General is committed to demonstrating the possibility.

"Through the Forrest General experience we have made a commitment to always show those we serve that We C.A.R.E., and therefore it is necessary to also show our commitment to caring for the environment around us," said Evan Dillard, Forrest General President and CEO. "We are excited about the ideas that ANTOS Environmental brings to the table, and are looking forward to working with them to make Forrest General a greener place to work and receive healthcare."

ANTOS Environmental and Forrest General are committed to creating a cultural transformation across Forrest General's widespread campus through new policies and procedures and education for employees. In addition, these changes will also help the hospital save money, which is a valuable benefit in today's economy. Over the last two decades, ANTOS Environmental has demonstrated measurable, sustainable savings in over 95 percent of its projects, with potential waste handling cost reductions of up to 50 percent.