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Viewpoint - Arizona Law

I think it is despicable the way the state of Arizona is being vilified by not only the media establishment but administration officials as well for passing a law to protect themselves when the Federal government lacks the will to do so. 


 The law, which was castigated by both Attorney General Holder and Homeland Security Chief Napolitano before either of them had even read it, simply grants Arizona law enforcement the right when in the course of investigating or stopping someone for the commission of another breach of the law, to demand evidence of citizenship by the alleged perpetrator. 


What on Earth is wrong with that?  If I am in Mexico or any other country in Latin America for example and am detained because I am suspected of breaking one of their laws…I would expect them to demand to see my passport, visa, or other documentation for being in their country. 


The fact that I don’t look Latino nor do I speak Spanish would be dead giveaways that I probably was not a citizen of their country. As a matter of fact, I just returned from a business trip to New York and had to show a picture I.D. no less than twice each time I boarded a plane for crying out loud.  I had no problem with that because I had nothing to hide. 


Phoenix, Arizona has become a kidnapping capital.  People are being gunned down and caught between warring drug factions from across the border. 


Illegal aliens are flooding across the border in torrents.  A large percentage of those arrested and jailed for various crimes are illegal’s.  All the while the Federal Government does nothing while the legal citizens of Arizona are in peril and the rule of law is being ignored.  Yet the bleeding hearts decry this law as having the potential for discrimination.  Hogwash.  Our borders must be respected.  Our citizens must be protected. 


Our sovereignty must be honored. We expect those on the other side of the border to do the same.  That is not discrimination. That is self preservation.


Those who have no solution to the problem and no skin in the game, so to speak, need to quit bad-mouthing those who are on the front lines and help find a way to stop this dangerous tide before we are totally overwhelmed.


I’m Jim Cameron and that’s today’s Viewpoint.  Let us hear yours.

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