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Viewpoint - Editorial Bullying

Yesterday and today WDAM reporter Ontario Richardson has been reporting on the problem of bullying in our schools. 


It is nothing new. I suppose there have been bullies around as long as there have been groups of people.  


Come to think of it, perhaps Cain as described in the book of gGnesis was the first bully since he violently killed his brother. However, we live in an increasingly complex society.  


Bullies can even use, and often do, the new electronic media as a forum for abusing others. Not only are bullies jerks who can have a powerful effect on someone's life for a very long time…in many cases in recent times those who have been the target of bullying have cracked and done even more harm. It all started with Columbine and soon spread throughout the nation.


Parents talk to your children if you suspect that they may be overly aggressive to the point of bullying others. The experts now say that the old adage about bullies all being cowards and insecure is really not the case. Many perceive themselves as powerful and cool. Many are quite popular in fact.  


A new anti-bullying law takes place in July in all the school districts in the state. It is a serious matter that will take everyone paying attention and confronting to battle. 


I'm Jim Cameron, and that's today's viewpoint. Write and let us know what you think.

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