One tank trip: Airboat Express

By Kevin Wheeler - bio | email

MOBILE, AL. (WDAM) - This weeks One Tank Trip is a ride through the Mobile-Tensaw Delta on an airboat.

"People ask are we guaranteed to see an alligator and I'll say yes I will guarantee you see an alligator at least one, and there he is," joked Captain Geoffrey Woodliff.

On the Airboat Express you are bound to see anything from wild pigs to alligators. It is a trip through the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

"We'll take you out and show you plants, trees, flowers, birds, alligators, animals, anything we see along the way."

We took the eco-tour which lasts about an hour. Our first animal was the alligator, which there happened to be plenty of on the trip.  Geoff told us a few informative facts about gators.

"A boney plate on his back that is his main armor protection that's what protects him against other alligator attacks," said Woodliff.

Most of the larger gators swam off as we got near, but the smaller ones allow you to get close.

"They grow about one foot per year up until they reach about 5 or 6 feet, then they slow way down to like 1 foot every five to seven years," Woodliff said.

By the time we returned we had seen several gators, birds, and fish in their natural settings.

Marcus Toktz who was visiting from Germany took tons of pictures from the journey.

"That was great to see that environment," said Tokts. "To see the animals around and see all the green and other plants; that was wonderful."

Geoff says most people come expecting a great airboat ride which they get, but he said what they call "edutainment"-- a combination of education and entertainment is what makes his business successful.

"Expect the unexpected, that's the main thing," said Woodliff." A lot of people know about the boat ride.

They know  a little bit about it and they see it on television, they know how it works, but they don't realize how diverse it is and just what all is out there."

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