Trees, power lines down from Jones County storms.

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A thunderstorm which developed quickly over parts of Jones County led to several reports of downed trees and power lines primarily in the eastern part of the county.

Jones County Emergency Management Agency Director Don McKinnon noted, "The thunderstorm produced heavy rainfall, high winds estimated at up to 50 mph and reports of small hail.

The National Weather Service did not have Jones County under any watches or warnings, but we did receive some damage from the storm which built up quickly and later diminished to just rain showers.  We forwarded the damage reports to the NWS for reporting purposes and review."

Several trees were reported down in the 800 block of Reid Road in the Powers community including a large pecan tree which split in half and fell at the home of David and Patricia Taylor.

The tree, which was in excess of 80-feet tall with a circumference of over 17 feet, crashed into the back yard of the Taylor home crushing a playground set and causing some roof damage to the home.

No one was in the back yard area of the home as the huge tree covered most of that area when it fell.  In addition, trees and power lines were reported down in the Myrick community with M&M Volunteer Fire & Rescue dispatched to a report of a tree on a house at 14 Dees Home Road.

No injuries were reported during the storm and power crews were busy restoring power to the affected areas.

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