Viewpoint - Mississippi's Other Stereotype

In the aftermath of this Saturday's tornados the people of Mississippi lived up to what is rapidly becoming another stereotype of the typical Mississippian.  


Just as countless folks did in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and to the amazement of commentators nationwide, people grabbed their chainsaws and other implements, jumped on ATVs and started clearing the way for the professional first responders.  


No doubt, lives were saved and injuries lessened because of this chain saw brigade who were the real first responders and made it possible for medical and emergency personnel to even reach those in need.


They didn't wait to be told or even asked.  They didn't need to be organized. They just did the right thing by helping their neighbors out in anyway they could.  They didn't wait for the government or some agency to get there and do it for them. They took on the mantle of their brother's keeper without hesitation and without a second's thought. As i said…we saw the same thing up close and personal right after Katrina and other disasters as well.  That is the Mississippi people are beginning to take note of and comment on and it is about time. 


We are a caring people who take responsibility to care for others in need from emergency relief to charitable giving the people of Mississippi get it done. 


We are proud of this legacy and hope that we will always live up to it and inspire others to do the same.  


I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's viewpoint.  Let us hear what you have to say.