Viewpoint - Another Local Hero Dies

For the second time in the last few weeks a local hero has given his life in the military service of our country.  Twenty-nine year old Army Sergeant Anthony Magee, a native of Hattiesburg, was serving his second tour of duty in Iraq...after being wounded during his first tour. He returned because, as he told friends and family, he wanted to support his country.  Last week his barracks came under attack by missile fire and he was critically wounded.  He died after being transported to a military hospital in Germany.  Before he died, he received the Purple Heart.  Like Petal native Anthony Blount who was killed while serving in Iraq just last month...Sgt. Magee left behind loved ones.  Parents, a wife and a 5-year old son.  There are those in this country who want to go easier on terrorists and the enemies of America.  But when I hear about the ultimate sacrifice of young men like these who give their last full measure of devotion to protect our country from people like the ones who killed them and want to kill us...I think it should only strengthen our resolve and harden our approach to wiping out these evil fanatics in any way possible.  Our admiration, respect, thoughts and prayers are with Anthony Magee and his family...and all those who serve.  I’m Jim Cameron and that’s today’s Viewpoint...let us hear what you have to say.