Faces of Hope: Erica Roney and Kelly Lawson

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

Erica Roney and her mom, Kelly Lawson are both breast cancer survivors. Roney finished her treatment earlier this year after being diagnosed in September 2009 at 27 years old.

Roney said, "I've always been aware of it because of my mom. And I found a lump in my left breast by doing a self breast exam, and so I went in and they found out it was cancer and I had it removed and started chemo."

When Roney was 14, her mother found out about her own breast cancer diagnosis at 36 years old.

"It was a shock for my husband and I, and I just knew that I had to live to see my children grow up. But we got through it with the help of the Lord and through my treatments and everything," said Lawson.

However, Lawson said it was more difficult to learn about her daughter's cancer.

She said, "To find out that it was a very aggressive cancer for her and the fact she was so young. They found out they were going to give her a very strong course of chemo which they did, but she came through it like a trooper though."

The women said it's extremely important for ladies to perform regular self breast exams.

"You know I was lucky that I found it like I did at an early stage, so that it didn't progress into anything worse," said Roney.

On May seventh, both mother and daughter are participating in Jones County's Relay for Life.

Lawson said, "In years past, it was special to me especially after the five year mark to see that you are still a survivor. And it will be much more special this year to see that my daughter is a survivor and in five years she'll be a survivor as well."

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