Charges dropped in Marion County murder case

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Three men charged with murdering two others in Marion County have had their charges dropped because of a lack of evidence.

The victim's families are pleading for someone to come forward with new information.

Betty Broom and Roderick Smith say they won't forget the gruesome scene they saw in August of 2008.

"The house is messed up, there's blood everywhere, blood in the truck," said Broome. "It was pretty grizzly; it was brutally done."

Broom's son, Danny Blansett, was killed along with Smith's brother, Brett, in Kokomo.

Jason, Jack, and Jonathan Walker were all charged with the murders. Jason Walker was never found. Stacey Walker was also charged with accessory after the fact, but he died of a brain tumor last October. The Marion County Sheriff's Office said all of the murder charges have been dropped.

Investigators said they met with District Attorney Hal Kittrell and decided there wasn't enough evidence to continue.

Blansett's mother said she believes there is enough evidence in the case. She believes the original suspects are still responsible for her son's death.

"When you find blood in the truck, blood all over the house, you know you've got to have something there that can lead them to who did it," she said.

Smith said he'll take investigator's words.

"I want the right people,"said Smith, "and I don't want the wrong person incriminated on this, but I definitely do want the right people, and we need help to get that done."

Broome and Smith say life has been difficult without their loved ones, they're just hoping this case will someday be closed.

If you have any information on this case, you're asked to call the Marion County Sheriff's Office. The number is 601-736-5051.

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