Viewpoint - From Success to Significance

In the dictionary, next to the word gentleman, there should be a picture of Tony Dungy.

When a man has coached two NFL football teams and gone on to be a top-notch commentator on network television one could say he has certainly known his share of success.

Dungy has done that and more.  In fact, he has transcend from just success to true significance.

As a motivational and spiritual influence with his books and speaking engagements…along with his mentoring of many young men…this humble and soft spoken man has made a difference in many lives.

He is both strong and highly intelligent and articulates his points in a way that commands attention and respect.

He was in Hattiesburg this week to speak at a fund raiser for first priority.  First Priority is a Christian organization that is active in over 70 schools in our area. They promote student ministry at our schools where spiritual guidance and example is sorely needed. This year's fund raiser brought in over $100,000.

We salute First Priority and those who support it for the work they are doing on behalf of our young people, and we salute Dungy, who came to Hattiesburg through a connection with Brett Favre, for the time and energy he puts into giving of himself to others.

Role models like this man are vital when it comes to influencing the ones who will be at the helm of our society.

I'm Jim Cameron, and that's today's viewpoint…write and let us hear from you.