Furloughs, personnel cuts possible in Pine Belt schools

LAMAR, FORREST COUNTIES, MS (WDAM) - School teachers across the state could be facing some days off without pay if school districts give the go ahead, thanks to a bill in the Mississippi legislature.

The House bill would allow districts to decide whether to use furloughs to help with the state's budget crisis, especially on the education front.

Under the bill employees could see three furlough days for the next two school years if the district's budget is below a certain level.

The time off would have to be during non-instructional times, such as teacher work days.

Superintendents for both Lamar and Forrest County said while they would rather no one have to take a furlough, their districts have to take it into consideration.

Laurel school's superintendent Glenn McGee said furloughs wouldn't be the best option for his district, but rather major cuts.

"Well I think that it would work and it would save some monies but in our case I believe we're going to actually have to reduce personnel, a lot of personnel, several personnel positions because the amount of savings that the furloughs will generate for a couple of days may be substantial for some districts but it's not going to be enough to work in our district," said McGee.

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