Viewpoint - Crime Victim's Week

This week is national crime victim's week.  Observances and ceremonies are being held across the nation and across the state

To bring attention to those who have been the victims of crime and, where appropriate, their loved ones. Awards are given to those who have made significant contributions as victim advocates during the past year as well.

A rally was held on the steps of the capitol in Jackson.  How ironic.  The capitol where the victim's rights rally was held is the very capitol in which the Mississippi House of Representatives failed to pass Nathan's Law in this most recent session.  In fact, the judiciary committee headed by Representative Ed Blackman both watered it down and held it up so that it never even came up for a vote.

The bill was so-named in honor of 5-year old Nathan Key killed by a hit and run driver who passed a stopped school bus discharging children.  The bill passed overwhelmingly in the state senate but fell victim to inside politics in the house. That made a mockery of victim's rights in this state and what should have taken place on the steps of the capitol today should have been an apology.

I'm Jim Cameron with today's viewpoint.  let us know what you think.